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My journey started 18 years ago as a beauty therapist and makeup artist where I discovered my passion for providing my clients with beautiful results that made them feel more confident in the way they looked. Putting my full focus into the art of cosmetic tattoo, I have since dedicated years into training and developing my skills as a permanent makeup artist, an industry that has become very popular in recent years, offering clients the chance to have the brows and lips they’ve always wanted.

Adore specialise in the art of cosmetic tattoo. As we know, we all have different wants and needs when it comes our features. With brows, some prefer bold and defined while others like to keep them as soft and natural as possible. The same applies to lips and eyeliner. Therefore, each cosmetic tattoo service is completely customised to the individual. For best results a full in-depth consultation is required. Including brow and lip mapping, shape correction, and colour selection to achieve best possible results.

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